Improve the performance of your Royal Enfield Meteor 350 by installing BMC high performance air filter.

Benefits of BMC Air Filter

  • Improved power
  • Optimum performance
  • Long engine service life
  • Fuel savings
  • Financial savings (BMC filters can be washed and regenerated for the entire service life of the vehicle).

Filter Material: Oiled Cotton Gauze

Washable: Yes

This BMC filter is one on one replacement of the stock air filter and can be easily replaced at home via DIY process.

Filter are important part of every bike and used properly provides peak performance when its needed the most. BMC filter gives importance to performance and hence every time you use bmc air filter you give best performance out of your motorcycle

BMC Air Filter is one of the most renown brand in the motorcycle and automotive industries. Based in Bologna, Italy, BMC is now an international company with branches in China and India, along with over 96 distributors all over the world. BMC produces the world’s best quality air filters for racing, street use and composite parts.


Yes, it does. Thanks to the dynamic air intake, cool air can be conveyed to the air-box at a much higher speed compared to the intake capacity of traditional filtration systems.

The dynamic air intake is made even more effective by the carbon fibre Flow Switch located inside the air-box.

The assembly of a BMC intake systems results in a significant increase in the quantity of combustive oxygen present in the combustion chamber compared to a regular air filter.

These elements guarantee a considerable improvement in engine performance, in terms of power and torque.

Generally speaking, vehicle such as automobiles or motorbikes require total particle filtration efficiency up to a minimum dimension of 10 micron, in order to avoid any risk of foreign bodies passing through large enough to damage the mechanical components downstream the intake system.

OEM air filters are made of paper, and their main function is to protect the engine.

These filters feature high resistance to the air flow which, consequently, reduces the pressure and the engine performance.

BMC’s air filters allow the passage of a greater air flow.

Moreover, compared to traditional paper filters which must be replaced when carrying out maintenance, BMC filters can be re-used so that they last as long as the vehicle itself.



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