ChargeDex Chain Oiler cleans & lubes your bike chain just with a few presses.

The Kit.

The Push Button.

Easy & Smooth pressing ensured every time, especially when wearing gloves.

Fits perfectly on all round handlebars, including Clip On Handlebars.

Made From High Grade Aluminum.

The Reservoir.

New Reservoir & Reservoir Cap.

Reservoir & Cap made in CNC Machined Aluminum with a beautiful Satin Matte Finish.

The Reservoir comes with an Oil Level Indicator.

Our Reservoirs hold up to 50 ml of oil for increased range of upto 1000 km.

The Brush.

Chain Oiler 3.0 comes with a Dual Brush Setup, cleaning & oiling the chain from all sides.

The Brush fits on the swingarm, near the sprocket.

The Top Brush oils the chain links precisely, leaving a layer of oil on the chain. The Bottom Brush ensures no oil is splattered and cleans the chain links from below.

The Dual Brush setup cleans the black greasy dirt paste accumulated on the chain and keeps the chain clean and well oiled.

The Brush is made from High Grade Nylon for enhanced durability.

Lasts for upto 8000 Kms (tested by riders)

The Mounts.

Chain Oiler 3.0 comes with Two Mounts, Adjustable for a perfect fit for almost all Motorcycles.

The new Mounts are Machined in Aluminum with the highest level of precision.

The Mounts and the Brush can be adjusted for various lengths and angles as required.

Additional Features.

The Pipe comes with Braided Sleeve for added Protection and Durability.

Pipe Connectors come with a lock for a secure fit.


Box Contents.

1. ChargeDex Chain Oiler Kit 3.0 (ready to install)

2. Zip Ties

3. Stickers

4. Extra Bolts (M6, M8, M10)

Recommended Oils

1. 20W40

2. 15W30

3. 15W50

4. 90 Gear Oil






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