KTM 390 Adventure Tour-x Panniers Matt Black

  • Motoioi Tour-X is touring luggage gear for your motorcycle. No matter which motorcycle you ride, Tour-X panniers will be the best bet to carry your luggage where ever you go. Tour-X is FRP impact resistance panniers providing a secure and spacious luggage solution for your short riders and even for your long tours. 
  • Motoioi Tour-X Panniers, because of its shape, size & looks can be fitted on any Adventure, street or cruiser motorcycles. The characteristics of Tour-X panniers give them a universal look which can blend easily with any type of motorcycle.
  • Motoioi Tour-X panniers are built strong & tough. The panniers are constructed using Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer with chopped core mat strands for impact resistance. This makes Tour-X panniers lighter than any aluminum panniers, as strong as aluminum pannier and impact + abrasion resistance which no other pannier can offer. Additionally all attachments used on panniers are made of SS304 for durability and rust free operation,
  • Motoioi Tour-X pannier comes with easy attach and detach mechanism. Panniers can be locked on pannier stay with help of inner operating knobs. This mechanism provides maximum locking security to the pannier under load and rough road conditions.
  • Motoioi Tour-X panniers are built in such a way that it prevents water and dust from entering in the box. Tour-x panniers use silicon rubber beading to ensure water or dust does not enter. Also a foam liner is provided inside the panniers to ensure the luggage stay safe in all conditions.
  • Motoioi Tour-X panniers can hold up to 60 litres of storage space. This mean these panniers are compact, lighter and easy to take around on your rides. Tour-X panniers also comes with grab handles which help you to carry them easily wherever you want.
  • Motoioi Tour-X panniers give best of both the worlds, aesthetics and practicality. They are made strong and durable without compromising on the looks of it. Tour-X panniers are made in such a way that they look as a part of the bike instead of looking bulky or heavy.

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