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Crash Guard: 2 Nos.

Mounting Pipes: 2 Nos.

Mounting Plate: 2 Nos.

Frame Sliders: 2 Nos

Mounting Bolts: 1 Packet

Motorcycles, by their nature, are far less crashworthy than other motor vehicles and do not provide much protection from devastating injuries in the event of a collision.

A motorcycle crash guard is a piece of safety equipment that attaches to the frame of a motorcycle and sticks out past the bike. These bars tend to wrap around essential aspects of the motorcycle, such as the engine.

Yet, while the design of these guards varies from bike to bike, their concept is relatively the same. These bars are in place to prevent the bike from falling over entirely, provide some protection for the rider from being crushed under the bike in an accident, and help protect the bike’s parts, including its fuel tank and engine.

Motorcyclists often invest in guards to protect their bikes rather than themselves. These bars protect the motorcycle, including the fuel tank, the engine, and even the paint on the bike.

Consequently, rider safety is often a by-product of these crash guards, not the primary purpose. However, this does not mean that these guards cannot protect a rider.

Although motorcycle drop guards offer no protection to motorcyclists thrown from their bikes during an accident, they can stop the bike from falling on the rider. And as a result, these guards can help reduce lower leg injuries and ankle trauma since these bars effectively keep the bike’s weight from crashing on the motorcyclist in a collision.

It is also essential to add that well-designed crash bars should protect the rider while still providing access for routine maintenance, such as checking and changing the oil and servicing the air cleaner, without the need to remove the common body panels for other jobs. These bars should also not increase the chance of a crash; they reduce ground clearance or cornering.

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