Luggage Support with safety

Fitting saddle bags on an adventure tourer like himalayan without proper support system can be a very dangerous thing on ride. As Himalayan has up a swept exhaust system and also the gap between the mud guard and tire is huge it is quite possible that the saddle bags can get damage due to direct contact with tire or by heat of the exhaust. By using Motoioi saddle stay, your saddle bag can stay completely protected in all riding conditions. Motoioi saddle stay keeps your bags away from tire and a small support bracket at the bottom of the stay protects the bag from the heat of the exhaust.

Mounting Arrangements

Motoioi saddle stay uses the mounting slots & positions provide by Royal Enfield on the Himalayan. Due to this arrangement the saddle stay fits perfectly, installation becomes easy and no addition modifications are needed.

Size & Weight

Size of Motoioi Saddle Stay is compact so even if you keep the saddle stay on the bike with out the saddle bags it will not look odd. The compact design does not interrupts the pillion space. The pipe size on the saddle stay is same as the Jerry can frame and the Tail rack, due to which the weight is balanced and the saddle stay looks in sync with the bike.





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