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Motoioi frame slider are specially designed and manufactured for Yezdi Adventure. These frame slider are made of delrin material which has high strength, abrasion resistant and light weight . These frame slider protect the gear lever, brake lever, tank and handlebar. Motoioi frame slider for Yezdi Adventure are also easy to install and can be done as DIY.

Why Derlin Frame Slider

Delrin frame sliders have been used on street bikes for years to protect the sides of them in case of a crash. Delrin by nature is very resistant to shattering under high impact and has a slippery quality making it slip across the pavement as opposed to digging in and causing the bike to flip. These motorcycle frame sliders are one of many products we have been developing for applications. This Delrin frame slider kit is a direct bolt-on kit. The motorcycle frame slider kit comes with all of the hardware and spacers needed to replace the factory parts and keep everything in alignment.

Advantages Of Delrin Made Frame Sliders Over ABS & Nylon Sliders

  • High mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Light weight and tough
  • High resistance to repeated impacts
  • Excellent dimension stability
  • Automotive grade material
  • Low friction and wearing properties
  • Temperature toughness
  • Better material properties than Nylon and ABS plastic

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  1. Aniket

    Absolutely fabulous product. Installation was easy enough to complete within 15 mins. Fun fact is dropped my adventure 2days after installing the product and it saved my fog lights mounted on fork and the gear lever. Thank you motoioi and eagerly waiting for the windshield teased on insta. Thank you

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